Sustainable solutions, national impact.

At ViridAU, our mission is to provide sustainable solutions that make a lasting impact on the nation. By delivering nation-building projects across Australia, we aim to contribute to the country's progress and foster a legacy of environmental and social responsibility.

Helping you deliver nation-building projects.

ViridAU, is a wholly Australian-owned consultancy with a rich history of multidisciplinary consulting services. Our expertise spans diverse industries, from mining and oil to energy, construction, and major infrastructure projects.

As your reliable partner, we specialise in health, safety, and environmental considerations, offering tailored solutions rooted in evidence.

Our seasoned experts provide personalised advice covering air quality, health and safety, bushfire prevention, and environmental impact assessments. We navigate the intricacies of compliance, making it a collaborative journey and providing tailored solutions, from secondment support to sustainability and waste management. ViridAU's commitment to your success is evident in our "best for project" philosophy, aligning client expectations with project delivery for consistent desired outcomes.

Services and Sectors

The ViridAU effect

ViridAU's commitment to your success is evident in our "best for project" philosophy, aligning client expectations with project delivery for consistent desired outcomes.

Pragmatic Solutions: We stand out with pragmatic, solution-focused approaches that reduce risk, cut costs, and ensure project certainty.

Experienced Team: Our highly experienced environmental practitioners, with long-standing relationships, form a cohesive and high-performing team capable of delivering on-time and on-budget.

Project Savings: Inherently seeking efficiency and good environmental practice, we optimise designs and minimize footprints, resulting in multi-million dollar cost savings on individual projects.

Locally Owned: As an Australian-owned company, we contribute to local communities, and all profits, taxes, and assets remain in Australia.

Effective Communication: We prioritize effective communication and reporting, providing progress reports highlighting achievements and addressing potential issues.

Supplier Contacts: With long-established relationships, we ensure efficient service delivery, reliability, and reduced costs through our network of suppliers and service providers.

Easy to Work With: We seamlessly integrate into site management teams, embedding our personnel to provide assistance seamlessly.

Challenging Environments: Our experienced personnel excel in challenging projects, going anywhere and ensuring the best outcomes, whether in remote or national/international locations.

Hit the Ground Running: Ready with documents, tools, and templates for implementation, we offer efficiency and practical solutions for various project needs.

Extensive Experience: Our team combines operational industry experience with comprehensive knowledge of environmental legislation, addressing virtually any environmental scenario efficiently.

Practical Documentation: Understanding the importance of practical documentation, we provide usable, tailored solutions fulfilling specific project requirements.

Monitoring Equipment: With an extensive range of environmental monitoring equipment for short or long-term rental, we offer tailored solutions to meet field requirements.

UAV Capabilities: Equipped with commercial-grade UAVs and qualified staff, we can deploy and fly missions across Australia.

Client Focus: Our responsive management approach recognises project priorities and pressures, ensuring a client-focused experience.