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ViridAU, established in 2018, is a wholly Australian-owned consultancy with a rich history of multidisciplinary consulting services. Our expertise spans diverse industries, from mining and oil to energy, construction, and major infrastructure projects.

As your reliable partner, we specialise in health, safety, and environmental considerations, offering tailored solutions rooted in evidence.

Our seasoned experts provide personalised advice covering air quality, health and safety, bushfire prevention, and environmental impact assessments. We navigate the intricacies of compliance, making it a collaborative journey and providing tailored solutions, from secon
dment support to sustainability and waste management. ViridAU's commitment to your success is evident in our "best for project" philosophy, aligning client expectations with project delivery for consistent desired outcomes.

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Our services.

We prioritise high-quality, practical, and cost-effective solutions. Our innovative approach involves breaking down barriers, offering straight forward advice, and adding value to our clients. ViridAU fosters originality, ambition, and free thinking, continuously seeking improvement and innovation in projects. We grow together with our clients, providing services with integrity and fairness, backed by a history of successful project delivery and a relentless pursuit of improvement.
Air Quality
ViridAU's air quality experts provide comprehensive support and technical guidance for project and policy decisions, ensuring compliance with strict air quality regulations. Leveraging our expertise and innovative tools like TAPM, CALPUFF, AERMOD, and others, we offer efficient solutions for:

- Air quality impact assessments (approvals and compliance)
- Emissions inventory developmentCost-effective pollutant mitigation recommendations
- Dust and Odour Management Plans (construction and operation phases)
- Greenhouse gas assessments (Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions)
- Carbon mitigation and facility footprint reduction
- Odour assessments and complaint investigations
- Assistance with pollution reduction programsPeer review of air quality assessments
- Short and long-term ambient air quality monitoring
- National Pollutant Inventory (NPI) Reporting
- NGER Reporting
ViridAU, a leading environmental consultancy, specializes in comprehensive fire management services, particularly in bushfire assessment and management. We routinely prepare Bushfire Assessment Reports and Management Plans to meet planning scheme requirements for various projects, including residential developments, Defence facilities, and civil engineering projects. With a pragmatic approach to fire management, we collaborate closely with clients to ensure optimal outcomes.

Our key services cover;
- Bushfire Assessment Reports
- Bushfire Management Plans
- Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) Assessment.
EIA Review
Many engineering firms conduct thorough environmental impact studies to identify potential impacts and recommend mitigation measures. However, these studies may contain constructability issues or factors affecting stakeholders in terms of time, cost, or quality.In some cases, environmental consultancies propose numerous mitigation measures with minimal environmental impact reduction but significant cost implications.

We advocate for a formal review of Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) to
- Identify risks hindering construction approaches, potentially leading to significant cost implications.
- Determine the cost of proposed mitigation measures, often not assessed initially.
- Validate proposed approaches, offering alternatives for flexibility, reduced costs, and lower implementation risks.

Our multi-disciplinary team, including estimators, project managers, engineers, and environmental scientists, focuses on construction and operational aspects, providing practical insights for project delivery.
Erosion and Sediment
Erosion and sediment control are critical aspects of construction projects, and our expertise lies in crafting detailed, practical Erosion and Sediment Control Plans (ESCP). These plans, aligning with International Erosion Control Association (IECA) standards, can be certified by a Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control (CPESC).

Our goal is to streamline projects by providing practical documents that integrate seamlessly with the construction program, potentially saving resources for the project proponent. We offer associated tools like design information for controls, sediment basin management, and inspection forms. Our services extend to environmental monitoring, including sediment basin management, routine inspections, post-rain assessments, and advice on ESCP implementation.

Our services encompass:
- CPESC adviceErosion and Sediment Control Plans (ESCPs)
- Soil surveys
- Erosion and sediment control inspections
- Erosion and sediment control audits
- Water quality monitoring
- TSS to NTU correlation
Environmental Assessment
Our environmental assessment and approval services offer cost-effective advice and solutions for diverse projects and sectors throughout their lifecycle—from planning to decommissioning. With a track record on challenging projects across Australia and internationally, ViridAU delivers on project goals, achieving savings while minimizing environmental impact.

Our environmental team, comprising leading scientists, managers, and engineers, excels in technical disciplines spanning land, water, acoustics, and air. Leveraging decades of experience, we assess and understand environmental approval conditions across various sectors, including construction, infrastructure, defense, aviation, agriculture, oil and gas, and mining.

Services include:
- Development Applications
- Review of Environmental Factors (REF)
- Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
- Environmental Impact Statements (EIS)
- Environmental Effect Statements
- Environmental condition review
- Environmental Authority amendment
Noise and Vibration
ViridAU excels in noise modeling, providing assessments for high-profile infrastructure projects nationwide. We collaborate with diverse entities, including developers, councils, construction projects, and multinational corporations.Infrastructure development and operations, especially in transport, can generate noise impacting sensitive receptors. Common noise sources include engine-powered machinery and stationary equipment. Our GIS-based noise assessments integrate efficiently with other disciplines, offering a cost-effective alternative to traditional modeling.

Our extensive experience covers environmental, mining, construction, and transportation noise impact assessments for large projects. This includes managing the Ambient Maps National Transport Noise Map, one of the world's largest noise maps.

Services include:
- Noise and vibration impact assessments (approvals and compliance)
- Cost-effective mitigation measures recommendations
- Noise Management Plans (construction and operation phases)
- Complaint investigations
- Assistance with noise reduction programs/initiatives
- Peer review of noise and vibration assessments
- Short and long-term ambient air quality monitoring programs
Health and Safety
ViridAU offers a range of workplace health and safety services, providing structured management systems based on industry best practices and extensive experience. Supported by safety software, our services help companies efficiently manage workplace health and safety.

Services include:
- Risk assessments
- Secondments
- SWMS development
- Safety and Health Management System development
- Principal Hazard Management Plan preparation and review
- Safety and health compliance audits
- Assistance with Office of the Federal Safety Commission (OFSC) accreditation
Secondment Support
We offer a range of health, safety, environment, and quality support options for projects, providing personnel for specific needs or as a full-time support team. Our experienced advisors, coordinators, and managers can meet regulator requirements, like those from TMR and RMS.

Our services can be utilized on an as-needed or full-time basis until your environmental professional is engaged directly. We provide support for tasks such as planning phase development, project-specific Management Plans, and addressing key issues like noise, water, and dust. Our services extend to environmental monitoring, reporting, and ensuring the presence of a qualified environmental practitioner on-site when needed.

Secondment positions offer additional benefits, providing an alternative perspective on processes and approaches. After the secondment, we can assist with training materials, forms, procedures, and responses to issues for ongoing project support.
ViridAU excels in managing the societal, economic, and environmental impacts of industrial activities. With expertise in sustainability services, we integrate environmental, planning, and management capabilities to deliver solutions that meet stakeholder expectations and align with social, economic, and environmental interests.

Our commitment to sustainability is evident through the adoption of the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia's (ISCA) framework for major government-funded infrastructure. We utilize the IS Rating Tool to drive and measure sustainability, applicable not only to built infrastructure but also to planning, design, and operation.

Services include:
- Sustainability reporting
- Eco-efficiency audits
- Vulnerability assessment
- Hazard mitigation planning
- Business continuity planning
- Climate adaptation and resilience planning reporting
- ISCA AssessmentsEnergy and GHG Audits
- Greenhouse gas assessments (Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions)Carbon mitigation and facility footprint reduction
- Emissions data collation and analysis
- Emissions reporting lodgment
- National Pollutant Inventory (NPI) Reporting
- NGER Reporting
Waste management is crucial for environmental compliance and sustainability. ViridAU, specialises in waste and recycling services, including waste approvals, management plans, development applications, and compliance advice. With extensive experience, we offer services such as environmental approval conditions review, waste compliance audits, groundwater monitoring, and waste strategy development.
Water Quality
Water quality management is a critical aspect of compliance, especially where potential discharges into the environment exist. Unmanaged water with elevated contaminants can harm receiving environments, and stringent compliance requirements are often outlined in environmental licenses or permits. ViridAU specialises in surface water quality assessments for major infrastructure projects across Australia.

Our monitoring and sampling cater to specific project needs, ranging from one-time sampling to catchment-wide studies and continuous long-term monitoring.

Services include:
- Baseline water quality studies
- Water quality monitoring
- Water quality impact assessments (approvals and compliance)
- Development of emissions inventory for various processes
- Cost-effective water monitoring programs
- Surface management plans (construction and operation phases)
- Complaint investigations
- Peer review of surface water quality assessments
- Short and long-term ambient air quality monitoring programs

Sectors we service.

We work with companies and Government across a diverse range of industries including mining, oil and gas, energy, construction and major infrastructure

Mining: Our pragmatic, solution-focused approach in the mining sector mitigates risks, reduces costs, and brings certainty to projects. Recognising industry challenges, we address complex environmental approvals and stringent conditions, offering tailored professional services. Our experienced team covers diverse minerals, providing services like safety and health compliance audits, management system development, risk assessments, and environmental license audits.

Construction: In the construction sector, our distinctive approach delivers pragmatic solutions, reducing risk and ensuring certainty for projects. Covering a broad range of construction projects, including roads, bridges, dams, and residential development, we address environmental approvals and stringent conditions. Our services include Construction Environmental Management Plans (CEMP) development, safety compliance audits, environment assessment reports, and ecological assessments.

Transportation: Our distinctive approach in the transportation sector prioritizes pragmatic solutions, reducing risk and ensuring certainty for projects. Recognising transportation's pivotal role, our services encompass a wide range of infrastructure, addressing challenges such as noise and air pollution. We offer support to governments, infrastructure planners, owners, and operators, with common services including noise and vibration modeling, dilapidation surveys, and sustainability assessments.

Defence: In the Defence sector, our distinctive approach focuses on pragmatic solutions, reducing risk and ensuring certainty for projects. With a proven track record in over 10 military areas, our services cover a range of environmental assessments for civil and building infrastructure. Common services include Environment Assessment Reports, ecological assessments, bushfire assessments, and weed and pest surveys.

Agriculture: In Agriculture, our unique approach prioritizes pragmatic solutions, reducing risk, costs, and ensuring certainty for projects. Collaborating closely with clients in the agricultural sector, we engage in research and development projects and scientific trials for selected crop species. Common services include GIS mapping, vegetation assessments, erosion control plans, and safety and health compliance audits.